About Our Foundation Repair Company



Locally Owned, Texas Proud

Done Right Foundation Repair was created over 20 years ago by Chris Felsing with the support of his family. He started with a small team and a big dream, learning the ins and outs of foundation repair as he went. He and his team looked for ways to provide a complete solution to all foundation issues and have worked tirelessly for the past 20 years to master their craft.

Today, Done Right Foundation Repair has become a successful enterprise that can now offer 5 types of foundation repair. While most foundation repair companies offer only a single type of repair, Done Right has the experience necessary to make repairs to concrete press pile, steel interlocking, drilled bell bottom, cast-in-place or pour-in-place, and block & base foundations. Done Right Foundation Repair also offers foundation leak repair & leak detection services.

Specialized Foundation Services

We also specialize in foundation leak repair. Plumbing problems caused by foundation issues require a unique approach. Our company is one of few that knows how and where to dig without damaging your plumbing in order to simultaneously fix your plumbing and foundation.

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What’s different about Done Right Foundation Repair?

Our focus is on keeping things simple. From our estimate down to our warranty, we want your foundation repair process to be straightforward and high-quality.

Easy Estimate

When you get an estimate with us, you’ll get a straightforward report concerning the repairs that need to be made. No frills, no confusing language, just a proposal and a cost estimate so you can make the right decision.

Quality Work

Done Right Foundation Repair earned the name “done right” by consistently providing quality repairs for all of our customers. We don’t rush our projects and we carefully consider each decision that we make regarding the repair process.

Straightforward Warranty

Our warranty is not 3 full pages of legal jargon. We offer a single page warranty because we believe that we do the job right every time. Our experience and training allows us to provide a transferrable warranty without hassle.


Doing Right in the Community

Our work doesn’t stop once your foundation is complete. We love our community and we take pride in our programs that help build a positive and strong foundation for life.

Done Right Foundation Repair actively contributes 5% of its profits from each contract to programs that feed the local homeless population. Through our contributions, thousands of meals are served to those in need every year. Food is prepared and distributed 4 times per year to areas with the largest food shortages.

We also provide multiple scholarship opportunities for those eager to make a larger contribution to their communities, or to further their education specifically in the fields of addiction and depression recovery. Our merit-based scholarships help many learners to complete projects that profoundly impact the welfare and happiness of those within the local area. If you’re interested in discussing this opportunity, please get in touch with us.

Thousands of homes and businesses in central Texas believe in Done Right Foundation Repair. Call us today to see the difference for yourself!

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