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Every construction project relies on a solid foundation. You can depend on Done Right Foundation Repair to construct your foundation and related structures with flawless workmanship and dedication to quality.

We Repair All Foundations

We are well versed in foundation repair for all kinds of commercial buildings and homes in central Texas. While we are able to work on virtually any type of foundation, most foundation repairs in Austin will be either slab foundation repair or pier and beam foundation repair.

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We Offer 5 Foundation Options

Done Right Foundation Repair is one of the only companies in Texas that offers 5 different types of foundation repair. Austin’s most common foundation problems are no match for the quality and expertise of the Done Right Foundation Repair team.

concrete press pile

Concrete Press Pile

The concrete press pile is used widely in single story homes.

Concrete press piles are concrete columns that are driven into the soil below your foundation. Movable concrete cylinders are stacked underground to allow limited soil movement while maintaining a usable support structure.

Concrete piles must be pushed deep underground to be effective. They are topped with a cap piece that supports an additional two concrete cylinders that help to distribute the weight from the house evenly to the underground support.

Concrete press piles are so common thanks to:

Quick Installation

The simple materials and straightforward setup of concrete piles makes installation fast and simple.

Immediate Availability

There’s no need to wait for concrete to dry – cylinders are prefabricated and ready to use as soon as they are installed.


Easy installation and minimal materials means your concrete press pile will cost less across the board.

History of Effectiveness

Concrete support structures have been used in modern housing for a long time with a great record of reliability.

drilled bell bottom piersDrilled Bell Bottom Piers

These are most commonly used for commercial buildings.

Drilled bell bottom piers are poured piers. Poured piers are placed, drilled, and then filled with concrete to reinforce the structure of the pier.

The drill used to make space for the concrete creates a bell-shaped protrusion at the bottom of the pier to create a permanent support structure. Once concrete is poured into the drilled area, the concrete has to dry. The drying process takes time during which further construction cannot be started.

Drilled bell bottom piers are:

Less Invasive

Once the house is lifted, drilled bell bottom piers need no contact with the home.

Have Measurable Depth

The depth of drilled piers can be easily observed and measured.

steel interlocking piers foundation repair

Steel Interlocking Piers

Steel interlocking piers work best for large projects and two-story homes.

Steel piers are effective at mitigating the problems of settlement thanks to their solid steel design. Heavy-duty steel brackets are driven by hydraulic pressure into the soil below the footing of the foundation.

The weight of the home will then be distributed through the piers and into stable soil or bedrock, which will provide permanent support.

The piers are interlocking, which provides additional support and a wider surface area through which weight can be distributed.

These piers are great for:

Lifting a house’s foundation to its original position

Minimizing disturbance during installation

block and base foundation repair

Block & Base

These are used for houses with wooden frames that need to be raised above the ground.

Masonite blocks sit on the surface of the soil and are supported by additional exterior beams that are usually made from wood. An interior beam typically runs down the center of the home.

The result is a narrow crawlspace below the home where the supports slowly settle into the soil. However, poorly constructed block & base foundations are common and need repair often.

concrete press pile

Cast-in-Place Piles

Cast-in-place is common for patios and pier and beam homes.

Cast-in-place piles are beams that have a steel beam core and a concrete-based outer structure. This structure allows for greater amounts of vibration and shifting before damage occurs.

Small homes and patios benefit from a slightly more movable structure with the support of steel.