Best Foundation Repairs In Texas

Foundation Repairs
The soft, extensive soils found in Texas are notorious for causing foundation problems in small and large homes. If you notice that your home has some leaks and cracks, it may require foundation repair.

The two most popular foundation repairs in Texas are concrete slabs, piers, and beams. Both of these designs are highly effective but commonly require foundation repair due to harsh weather conditions and soil erosion.

The good news is that because these foundation failures are so common, the best foundation repair companies in Texas, like the Done Right Foundation, have the expertise to repair them.

Let’s take a closer look at Texas’s two most common foundation repair service types.

Concrete slabs

Slabs made from concrete are durable and can endure all kinds of foundation problems. However, they still cannot provide a solid guarantee. That is why hiring the best foundation repair company for slabs is vital.

It is also important to ensure that when the foundation on your property is being repaired, your concrete slab is restored using proven methods of repair. Fortunately, the best foundation repair companies know all about concrete slabs.

Concrete slabs are more often repaired in Texas, as there are fewer pier and beam structures in the area. This is mainly due to the fact that concrete slabs are far more durable than most other types of foundation.

Concrete slab foundations are resistant to the majority of the conditions that affect pier and beam foundations. However, repairing them requires breaking the slab.

Another advantage of concrete slab foundations is that they can be installed much faster than pier and beam structures. They can also be used immediately after installation, whereas concrete piers need time to harden.

Common signs of a slab leak include floor and wall cracks, a moldy or mildew smell, or a significantly higher than usual water bill.

Piers and beams

The pier and beam foundation is also very common in Texas, as it prevents damages and reduces concerns that homeowners generally have.

As these foundations do not rest against the earth, the pier and beam structures can develop a range of problems, from damp floors to moisture in the crawl space. This is because the beams can dampen these foundations, and the wooden piers can rot.

However, this is not a problem if the foundation is constructed with heavy-duty steel and concrete piers. Steel piers are highly recommended as they are a reliable method of stabilizing a foundation that has started to shift or sink into the unstable ground.

Although pier and beam foundations are popular in Texas, they are commonly found in older homes or homes near the ocean.

A major issue homeowners have with pier and beam foundations is that they attract insects and other creatures. Unlike other foundations, pier and beam structures have a moist crawl space underneath them. Concrete slabs do not have these problems and can resist rodents and creatures that could be harmful.

Another concern about structures made with piers and beams is that you need to climb steps as they are elevated.

Final thoughts

When you are facing foundation repair issues, it is important to get in touch with top foundation repair companies to get the best advice.

We at Done Right Foundation Repair have decades of experience. Since our founding, our team of experts have found ways to solve every homeowners foundation problems and have spent years mastering our craft.

Remember that your home is as good as the foundation that is beneath it. Keep your family safe by having a solid foundation.