Do I Need a Foundation Inspection for a Hairline Crack

hairline crack inspectionThe foundation is where your home’s health begins. Everything in your home is literally dependent on the soundness of your foundation. If you’re concerned when you discover a foundation problem like a hairline crack, you’re not alone!

Your foundation, like you, should have regular check-ups. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, it’s a good idea to undertake some preventative maintenance. We recommend that you visually inspect your home’s foundation twice a year. Seasonal changes can have a big influence, and detecting an issue early is always better for you and your budget. If you see something such as a hairline crack, you need to call in the experts for a proper inspection. 

Hire the Experts

Please do not attempt to undertake foundation repairs on your own. We appreciate your desire to be self-sufficient and save money. However, your home’s foundation is not a good area to experiment with DIY projects. Caulking the edge of a sink is not the same as repairing a crack in your foundation. These cracks require various materials and processes, most of which are not commonly available to customers. You need to have an understanding of foundations and how they work. If you have found a hairline crack or other issues in your foundation you need to reach out to the experts at Done Right Foundation Repair. We proudly offer affordable foundation services for Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Houston. Our team of experts has helped many with foundation issues and is ready to help you. From small hairline cracks to crumbling foundations, we do it all.

When crack repairs are done incorrectly, new cracks grow. What if the incorrect diagnosis is made and the incorrect procedure is used? You could actually turn a minor structural crack into a major structural issue. Don’t attempt foundation fixes on your own. Call on the experts at Done Right Foundation Repair.

How Do Hairline Cracks Form?

Seasonal temperature changes cause cracks in your foundation walls due to expansion and contraction. Because concrete is not flexible, it breaks when it transitions between rainy and dry seasons. These cracks are as big as a single hair, which is how they got their name. Water may (or may not) seep into your basement or crawl space through these hairline fractures, which can expand and wash them out over time. Because of this, we would highly recommend a foundation inspection to be performed by our experts. This will ensure that not only is the small repair completed properly, but there aren’t larger issues to be concerned with.

If you haven’t already repaired these, you need to do so. This should be done before they expand and cause water to flow into your basement or crawl space. Correcting it now will be faster, easier, and less expensive than dealing with more major structural issues later on. As soon as you see a problem, you need to reach out to Done Right Foundation Repair immediately. Foundation inspections are important to ensure that your smaller problem isn’t a sign of something bigger to come. Call now.