Expert Tips for Preventing Foundation Damage in Texas

Expert Tips for Preventing Foundation Damage in TexasProtecting your Texas home’s foundation is important, as repairs can be quite costly. In addition, without a solid foundation, homes can experience serious structural issues that can collapse the building.  Regular maintenance helps keep repair costs to a minimum. However, there are some things you can do as a homeowner to help prevent them.

Make Sure Your Home Is On a Proper Slope

Be sure your home is on a proper slope, meaning the water runs away from the home when it rains. While the home might have started that way, it is easy for the rain to wash the slope away. Proper grading is essential to your home’s foundation. You want a positive slope, meaning rainwater flows away from home, not into the foundation. This can cause the foundation to be washed out, causing a serious foundation issue.

If you are still determining if you have a positive slope around your home, reach out to Done Right Foundation Repair for help. As a foundation repair service, we would be happy to come out and check out your foundation and the slope around your home.

Install a Good Drainage System

A sound drainage system is just as important as the positive slope around your home. You should also ensure that your roof’s drainage system is cleared and working properly. It was installed to deliver the rainwater away from the foundation. However, when it’s not functioning properly, this can cause major water issues at the base of the home near the foundation. As a foundation repair service, Done Right Foundation Repair can assist homeowners in checking their drainage systems. In addition, we work with homeowners to assist them in finding ways to reduce the issues that might cause foundation problems in the first place.

Your gutters are an essential part of keeping your home’s foundation intact. When they are not working properly, this can wash out the soil around the foundation and cause issues. However, if your gutters are working properly and there is still a problem, consider installing a surface drain.

Inspect Your Home’s Foundation Often

You should always visually inspect your foundation often. If you see any cracks or concerning areas, reach out as soon as possible. These visual inspections can help you spot issues in the foundation before the issues become a much larger problem.

When you first notice a crack, you should determine the issue. Is there a leaking pipe nearby, a positive slope, the gutters cleaned and working properly, or something else? Of course, Done Right Foundation Repair can certainly help. We assist our clients in repairing your foundation issue and inspecting why there was a failure.

Not all foundation repair companies are the same. At Done Right Foundation repair, we offer foundation repair services that assist our clients in repairing their foundations and determining the cause of the failure. In addition, we will inspect your home to find out more about what might be behind a crumbling or cracking foundation to repair the underlying issue.

Don’t hire a company that will mask the issue. Instead, you want to hire a foundation repair service to assist you in getting to the root of the problem so you don’t have that problem again. Call Done Right Foundation Repair today to get started.

Call Done Right Foundation Repair

Call us if you are looking for an experienced foundation contractor to help repair or install a new foundation. We have worked with homeowners on a variety of foundation repair issues as well as helping them to determine areas where they can improve their property to stop foundation issues. Trees are another issue that we see all too often. Specific tree root systems can cause a lot of havoc on concrete block foundations and slabs. If you have noticed a crack in your foundation, don’t hesitate to call and set up a free consultation.