Foundation Drainage and Your Home

downspout taking water awayFoundation drainage describes the landscaping features that channel the flow of water away from the base of the home. When drainage is not put in, water can pool up around the base of the home. This can result in flooding in the home, causing excessive settling of the soil and other issues that can negatively affect the foundation. The last thing you want is for your home’s foundation to be damaged because of drainage issues. Taking steps to address foundation drainage now may save you thousands of dollars or more in repair costs over the years.

Installing Gutters

Gutters prevent water from falling straight off of the roofline and onto the soil at the base of the home. They collect the rainwater and channel it in a controlled way away from the foundation. When the gutter system is well-designed, many potential foundation issues can be alleviated.

Using Drainage Boards

Drainage boards channel water in the soil away from the home and into a special drain. Pressure around the wall that may have otherwise been caused by hydrostatic pressure is alleviated. In addition to alleviating pressure, it also helps the wet soil to dry out more quickly so that settlement is less of a concern.

Grading the Landscaping Away From the House

The ideal yard will grade very gently away from the home. This means that as you walk from the front or back door and out across the yard, the elevation will slowly decrease. While this is the ideal situation, the reality is that some yards grade toward the house in one or several directions. When this happens, heavy rains can cause water to flow toward the foundation of the home. The soil may be washed away on the surface, and the saturation of the soil can cause settling. Both of these factors can be detrimental for the condition of the home.

Working with a landscaping company to address the grading of your property can often alleviate this problem to protect your home’s foundation. Many homeowners do not realize that their home has foundation risks until after the foundation has already been damaged. If your home’s foundation is damaged, you may notice that doors and windows do not open easily. There may be visible cracks in your walls or concrete driveway or patio. In extreme cases, you may even feel as though you are walking upward or downward while inside the home.

If you notice these or other signs of foundation issues, it is important to fix the damage as soon as possible. For Texans, contact us so we can help fix your foundation fast and with real integrity.