Foundation Repair Methods Compared in Texas

Foundation RepairThe foundation is an important part of the house since it bears the weight of the entire building. Damage to the foundation can reduce the property’s value and expose it to the dangers of failure. There are several methods for repairing foundation damage and restoring the house’s structure to its previous condition. Before we get into the many foundation repair solutions, let’s look at what causes foundation damage.


The expansion or compression of soil is a typical cause of foundation damage. This soil movement exerts a force on the foundation, causing it to crack and shift. Improper soil compaction during construction may potentially expose the foundation to structural damage.

Various Foundation Repair Methods

Multiple foundation repair methods are performed, depending on the degree and source of the problem. The following are the most common:

Patches for Sealants and Masonry

Minor foundation cracks can form as a result of soil shrinkage or expansion. These foundation cracks can be fixed with sealants or masonry fixes. There are several solutions for filling these cracks. Some of the most widely utilized products to seal these gaps are polyurethane, epoxy sealer, and hydraulic cement. While these cracks may not always indicate structural concern, they should be sealed to prevent moisture from accessing the foundation.

Slab Jacking

When the foundation sinks, this approach comes in helpful. A concrete mixture is pumped beneath the slab during this procedure to press it back into place. Cement, fly ash, and other additives are included in the mixture. All components are blended with water in a concrete mixer before being loaded into the portable pump. Following that, we will determine key sites for digging holes into the slab, which are subsequently filled with the mixture from the portable pump. Polyurethane foam slab jacking is a new slab jacking variant that helps fix sinking foundations in a shorter period of time than the traditional slab jacking procedure and is also an option. If you have a sinking building that you think slab jacking might help, call 512-243-9991.

Piering or Piling

Steel or concrete piers are used to relocate and support the foundation. During this method of stabilizing the foundation, either the earth is excavated, or pipes are driven into the ground. Bell-bottom piering, concrete pressed piling, and steel pressed piling are three of the most common piering or piling technologies.

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