How Foundation Problems Could be the End of it AllHow Foundation Problems Could be the End of it All

Your home is more than just a place to live; it’s an investment, a sanctuary, and a source of comfort. However, hidden beneath the surface, your home’s foundation plays a critical role in maintaining its structural integrity. In Central Texas, where the climate and soil conditions can be challenging, foundation problems are more common than you might think. These issues, if left unaddressed, can lead to devastating consequences for your home. Let’s explore some common foundation problems found in Central Texas.

Common Foundation Problems in Central Texas

Soil Shrinkage and Expansion

Central Texas is known for its expansive clay soil, which can contract when dry and expand when wet. This constant cycle of expansion and contraction can exert tremendous pressure on your home’s foundation, leading to cracks and shifting.

Settling Foundation

Over time, your home’s foundation may settle unevenly, causing various issues such as sloping floors, cracks in the walls, and misaligned doors and windows. This settling can be exacerbated by the region’s unstable soil.

Poor Drainage

Improper drainage around your home can lead to water accumulation near the foundation, increasing soil moisture levels. Excessive moisture can weaken the foundation and promote mold growth in your crawl space or basement.

Tree Roots

Central Texas is home to numerous trees with aggressive root systems. These roots can penetrate and damage your foundation, leading to structural issues.


Erosion is a common problem in hilly areas of Central Texas. It can wash away the soil that supports your foundation, causing it to become unstable and leading to potential settling and cracking.

How the Done Right Foundation Can Assist

As a local business specializing in foundation repair and maintenance, Done Right Foundation is here to help. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges posed by Central Texas’ soil and climate. Here’s how we can assist with common foundation problems:

Comprehensive Inspections

Done Right Foundation starts by conducting thorough inspections of your home’s foundation. We use advanced technology to assess the extent of the damage and determine the most appropriate solutions. Many times, homeowners think they can do their inspections. However, foundations don’t always have tall tale signs such as a large crack. There can be subtle signs, such as a big slope or sagging, which can be missed by the untrained eye.

Foundation Repair

Whether your foundation needs leveling, underpinning, or other repair techniques, Done Right Foundation has the expertise and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We have been working in the central Texas area for many years and understand what it takes to work with just about any foundation to help repair or replace.

Drainage Solutions

To combat poor drainage, the Done Right Foundation can implement solutions like French drains, gutter systems, and grading to divert water away from your foundation.

Tree Root Barriers

If tree roots are causing foundation damage, Done Right Foundation can install root barriers to prevent further intrusion. We will take the time to ensure that the tree roots are cleared away safely to ensure that your foundation is protected in the future.

Preventative Maintenance

The best way to avoid costly foundation problems is through preventative maintenance. Done Right Foundation offers maintenance plans to proactively address potential issues and protect your investment. We will be happy to come out and take a look at your foundation to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Call Done Right Foundation Today!

Your home’s foundation is the bedrock upon which everything else rests. In Central Texas, where foundation problems are prevalent due to unique soil and weather conditions, it’s crucial to address these issues promptly and professionally.

Done Right Foundation is your trusted partner in safeguarding your home from the perils of foundation damage. Don’t wait until foundation problems become the end of it all – reach out today to ensure your home’s longevity and peace of mind.