Identifying Common Foundation Problems

Identifying Common Foundation Problems in Texas

If you’re buying or selling a house, or simply looking to assess the health of your home’s foundation, then you need to be able to identify the warning signs of foundation problems. If left unattended, a shifted or settled foundation can cause serious trouble across many parts of your house, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 warning signs to help you check your own foundation.

1. Exterior Cracks (Especially in Bricks)

Starting outside, walk the perimeter of your home looking at the exterior walls of your house. If there are foundation problems, you may see cracks in the concrete at the base of the walls. If your house has brick walls, look carefully in those areas to see if the bricks are separating. When a foundation settles, there will be new pressure on the bricks causing them to crack, often in a stair-step pattern.

Since doors are precisely aligned inside of their door frames, they are easily affected by shifts or settling foundations. If the movement of the foundation causes a door frame to shift (even just a few centimeters) it can create problems with door alignment. These shifts can make it difficult to open or close doors in your home.

3. Windows That Fail To Open or Close Easily

Similar to doors, windows are easily affected by small changes in a foundation. If the leveling of the foundation shifts, the window frame can shift, causing windows to get stuck or jammed. If your windows aren’t opening or closing as easily as they should, you might have misalignment issues caused by an uneven foundation.

4. Cracks in Drywall or Plaster Walls

When a home’s foundation settles, joints and seams in drywall can separate, causing gaps. These gaps commonly occur on walls where two pieces of drywall meet, and on ceilings where the wall meets the ceiling. Plaster walls are also prone to cracking due to foundation settling, so keep an eye on all of the walls around your home.

5. Sloped Floors

The level of a floor is directly dependent on the level of the foundation, so if one end of your foundation begins to sink, the floor will slope down towards that area. In most homes, the slope in a settling foundation is very minor and can only be discovered with a professional foundation assessment and some special tools. In extreme cases of foundation settling, you can see and feel the slope of the room and can test it by rolling a ball or marble on the floor to see if it favors a certain direction.

6. Separated Wood Floors and Popped Tiles

Depending on your flooring material, you may notice some issues arise due to foundation problems. The planks in wood flooring can become misaligned and pop out of place when foundations settle. Tile floors will exhibit similar problems as tiles will crack and pop out of place.

7. Separated Baseboards and Crown Molding

When houses are built, the baseboards along the floor and crown molding on the ceiling are precisely installed to fit together perfectly. As a foundation settles, these tightly aligned pieces can become misaligned and separate from the walls, especially on corners where two wood pieces meet. You may also notice gaps form between the bottom of the baseboard and the floor.

Do You Have Foundation Problems?

By checking for these warning signs of foundation problems, you should be able to tell if you need to call in a professional. If one or more of these warning signs are appearing in your home, it may be time to contact us to schedule a professional foundation assessment!

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