Is It Easy to Level a House?

Is it easy to level a house
Raising a sinking house is what is referred to as house leveling. When a house sinks, it causes structural issues. Sinking will pull at the walls and roof, bury the plumbing, and break the ceiling apart, among other things. These issues cannot simply be fixed. House leveling, in conjunction with addressing the source of the problem, will aid in resolving those concerns.

Cracks in walls and ceilings, plumbing issues resulting in stuck door jams, and slow drains are all caused by an unstable foundation. These problems can be fixed by supporting the house and leveling the foundation beneath it. You’ll need competent house leveling contractors such as Done Right Foundation Repair. We are someone you can rely on to get the work done right. After all, this is your house, family, and life. It must be done correctly to ensure the home’s future stability and structural integrity.

Have you recently realized that your flooring appears uneven or that things are rolling across the floor? If you have, you may be dealing with a foundation issue. You could be experiencing foundation settling or heaving. Give us a call, and let’s take a look at what is happening and the best way to fix it.

What Is Foundation Heaving or Settling?

Most of the gaps caused by foundation settling are vertical. What begins as a minor decline in one area of your home may grow to be quite substantial. For example, at first, the dip could be half an inch long. However, the dip could grow to be as much as 2 inches as time passes. If left unrepaired, the foundation will continue to sink, and the signs of it will only get worse.

Not only could the underlying foundation problem be severe at this stage, but you could also be dealing with a slew of other issues in your home. Your home’s doors and windows may stop working properly, the walls may separate from the floors or ceiling, the roofs may be torn apart and begin to leak, and the floors and walls may develop enormous cracks. All due to foundation issues.

Fixing Foundation Issues

Fixing these issues could require a host of different things. It will depend on what caused the foundation to shift in the first place, what type of foundation, and what type of ground your home is sitting on. Sometimes it is as simple as putting a jack under the home and raising an area that has settled. Other times it will require much more than that. Our engineers will be able to help whatever the problem is. 

If you realize that you might have foundation issues, you should contact Done Right Foundation Repair immediately. Don’t let your foundation stay in disrepair as this will only cause more problems down the line. You need to have the foundation looked at immediately. Call today, and we can set up an appointment for our technicians to come to your home and take a look. You owe it to yourself and your family to ensure your home is safe and sound. Call now.