Texas Owned Done Right Foundation Locations


What’s different about Done Right Foundation Repair?

Our focus is on keeping things simple. From our estimate down to our warranty, we want your foundation repair process to be straightforward and high-quality.

Easy Estimate
When you get an estimate with us, you’ll get a straightforward report concerning the repairs that need to be made. No frills, no confusing language, just a proposal and a cost estimate so you can make the right decision.

Quality Work
Done Right Foundation Repair earned the name “done right” by consistently providing quality repairs for all of our customers. We don’t rush our projects and we carefully consider each decision that we make regarding the repair process.

Straightforward Warranty
Our warranty is not 3 full pages of legal jargon. We offer a single page warranty because we believe that we do the job right every time. Our experience and training allows us to provide a transferrable warranty without hassle.