What to Do if Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Setting up a Foundation Repair Plan for Your Home

preparing your home for foundation repairYou’ve noticed that your Texas home has foundation issues. There are a variety of problems, such as cracks in concrete and walls, shifting soil, issues with water, and much more that is causing major problems with your house.

At this point, you would need to contact a foundation repair specialist for an estimate on what’s involved in repairing your home’s foundation. The foundation inspection is the best way to start if you notice any possible problems. The specialist will go over the entire house and discuss any problems with you, such as cracked concrete, damaged wall and door frames, and anything else that needs attention. They’ll be able to determine the severity of the problem, its source, and the best route of action to solve the problem.

Once the problems with your home have been determined, you’ll need to figure out the next course of action: how to prepare your home for the work your foundation repair company is about to do.

How Foundation Repair Can Impact Your Landscaping

If a major repair is recommended, you have to consider any alterations that may affect your landscaping. If you have a small garden and a few plants, you may have to remove them during the time the work is being done. Your foundation repair company may or may not include this in their estimate – be sure to double-check, or you may have additional charges and/or a destroyed garden. It’s also advisable to remove any additional outdoor items, such as yard furniture, grills, and toys so that they don’t become obstacles to your foundation repair company.

If you have an elaborate landscaped garden and patio that needs to be dug up, it’s best to contact a landscaping service, especially if trees are involved. In most cases, trees can be removed and replanted once the work is completed. They can guide you on the proper way to remove and transport your trees and flowers and how to safely return them during the interruption. They may also be able to help you redesign your landscaping, with proper grading, mulching, and positioning of trees and plants, to help protect your restored foundation.

What to Do with All of Your “Stuff”

In some cases, depending on how severe the damage actually is, you may have to remove some, or even all of your possessions from your home before work can begin. This might involve the removal of furniture such as couches, chairs, bookcases, and any other items that could be seen as obstacles. Carpeting should also be removed, especially if the damage is directly beneath the floor.

Again, this greatly depends on the status of the restoration. Sometimes homeowners are asked to empty the entire home before the foundation can be repaired. Removing what is needed, depending on the work in question, will make the experience go much faster and help get your home back to normal.

If a room needs to be emptied, then it should be emptied of all items. It’s best to have a clean and clear space free of any obstacles before the specialists get to work.

Interior Decorating and Other Items

Anything fragile or valuable should be packed up and moved out of the immediate area.

Paintings, photographs and other wall hangings should be taken down, especially if those walls are experiencing cracks. If you choose to leave anything on the walls, the moving of the house during the renovation may cause them to shift and become damaged in the process.

If you have larger items that are simply too hard to move, do your best to relocate them to another part of the house. If you can’t remove them from the house, use sheets or tarps to cover them, even if they’re in a safe area, to avoid being covered with dust and dirt. You may need to hire some help to help you move things to other areas of your home.

And, this is very important, be sure to move your cars if possible, so the crew has easy access to your driveway and house.

Figure out a Relocation Plan, if Needed

If a major overhaul of your foundation is underway, you may not be able to stay in the house during the process. It’s loud and noisy, and the repair team will pretty much be taking over your house in the interim. To protect yourself and your family, consider other accommodations, such as a hotel, or staying with friends and family, while this is going on. It may be inconvenient for you, but it will help make the work go quickly and easier for you and your family to get readjusted once the work is done.

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