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We like to keep things simple. When it comes to our warranties, ours have no hidden fees, no loopholes, and no complicated fine print. When we do the work, we want to make sure it’s done right, and that includes protecting your investment, no strings attached.



Based on the type of foundation work you have done, here are the warranties we offer:


When we work on a concrete slab foundation, we guarantee that work for life. As with all our work, we stand behind what we’ve done, and want to make sure your investment is protected. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on concrete slab foundations.


Pier and beam foundations require specialized skill and precision to ensure they properly support your home. That’s why once we’ve done the job, we guarantee that work for 25 years. As with all our guarantees, this is transferrable and designed to protect your investment, not to provide ourselves with a loophole.

Here’s a sample of the warranty we provide alongside our repairs and foundation construction.
You can read through it yourself to see how serious we are about ensuring quality in all the work we do.


Be it known that foundation repair work done to the structure known as: 815 Brazos St Austin, TX, 78701.

By the use of (24) New Concrete Pressed Pile Piers and Foundation Repair procedures were completed by Done Rite Foundation Repair in accordance with the provisions of the original contract between the present owner and Done Rite Foundation Repair. This repair work is warranted in accordance with the previous repair of the structure from the date the final payment was received on:

Date: March 16, 2016

The warranty has some exclusions and provisions as stated below:

  • Any and all modifications or additions to structure and must be reviewed by Done Rite Foundation Repair prior to work being done. Modifications or additions without knowledge will result in void of warranty.
  • Home owner must abide by the Engineers report “Recommendations” section.
  • Homeowner must maintain a positive sloped drainage away from the structure.
  • If adjustments have to be made to the piers due to improper maintenance the charge to open and adjust each pier will be $425.00 per pier.
  • It is highly recommended that home owner must install gutters and down spouts if not currently installed.
  • There must be a consistent level of moisture maintained in the soil around the foundation. We suggest either soaker hoses or automatic mister sprinkler system.

This warranty shall be null and void if the following should happen:

  • Without written consent of Contractor: (i) the structure is modified to any significant degree which affects the load/weight of the foundation, (ii) improvements are constructed, or (iii) demolition is performed.
  • The structure is located on a fault.
  • This warranty shall void if Owner fails to notify Contractor in writing of any claim under the warranty or defect in the goods or services provided by the Contractor within thirty (30) days from the date of discovery of such claim of defect by Owner.
  • Transfer fee will not be charged for warranty transfer as the residence will be sold in the near future.
  • The drainage boxes must be kept clean and free of any and all debris to keep run off water from causing future issues with movement.

Chris Felsing
Owner, Done Right Foundation Repair

If you need foundation repairs done, trust the work to the experts at Done Right Foundation Repair. We’ve spent the last two decades striving towards perfection in every repair job we do. That’s why we provide transferrable warranties on every single job.

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