High-Quality Slab Foundation Repair Services

Slab foundations provide excellent stability and are generally lower-cost than other foundation types. But when damage strikes, it’s crucial to have a reliable partner who can provide effective slab foundation repair services. At Done Right Foundation Repair, we are committed to helping our clients maintain the integrity of their buildings with top-quality services.

Understanding Slab Foundations

Slab foundations are a single layer of concrete, several inches thick, laid over level ground. Steel reinforcing bars, or rebar, is embedded to provide strength. While durable, slab foundations can become damaged due to soil shifts, poor construction, and weather extremes, among other factors.

Common Slab Foundation Problems

Slab foundation issues can arise from various sources, such as:

  • Soil movement: Soil expansion and contraction due to changes in moisture levels can cause slab foundations to crack or shift.
  • Tree roots: Large tree roots can grow under the foundation, causing upheaval or cracking.
  • Plumbing leaks: Water from plumbing leaks can weaken the soil supporting the slab, leading to settlement or sinking.

These problems can lead to cracks in the walls or floors, doors and windows that won’t close properly, and even sloping floors.

Our Approach to Slab Foundation Repair

Our team at Done Right Foundation Repair has developed a comprehensive process to address these slab foundation issues effectively:

  • Detailed inspection: We assess your property to identify any foundation issues.
  • Custom repair plan: We develop a plan tailored to your specific needs based on our assessment.
  • Execution of repairs: Our experienced crew then conducts the necessary repairs using industry-leading techniques and equipment.
  • Post-repair inspection: We conduct a thorough inspection after the repair to ensure all issues have been addressed and the work has been done to our high standards.

Why Choose Done Right for Slab Foundation Repair?

When it comes to slab foundation repair in Texas, Done Right Foundation Repair stands out for many reasons:

  • Experience: With over 20 years of experience, we have honed our skills and knowledge to provide the best foundation repair solutions.
  • Quality Work: We are committed to doing the job right the first time, ensuring high-quality work that lasts.
  • In-house Financing: We provide flexible financing options to help make our services more affordable.

Contact Done Right for Trusted Slab Foundation Repair

If you’re facing problems with your slab foundation, don’t wait. Contact Done Right Foundation Repair today to schedule an inspection and discover how our services can restore the integrity of your foundation.

Residential and Commercial Foundation Repair

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How Done Right Foundation Repair can Repair Your Slab Foundation

The beautiful rolling hills of Central Texas are wonderful for landscape views, but can cause stability issues in your home’s foundation over time. Breaks and cracks in your concrete slab foundation may lead to leveling issues or damage to your house. A compromised slab foundation means that the base of your house’s support system is failing, and the rest of your supports are likely to fail if you don’t repair them quickly.

house levelingThe foundation experts at Done Right Foundation Repair can repair all types of slab foundation related issues, including:

  • Concrete slab foundations
  • Exposed concrete slabs
  • Newly constructed concrete foundations
  • Concrete slab leveling and lifting
  • Concrete underpinning
  • Retaining wall repairs
  • Foundation wall repairs
  • Basement wall repairs
  • Slab leaks and under slab plumbing issues
  • Basement foundations and waterproofing
  • Subflooring foundation issues
  • Foundation drainage problems
  • Tunneling under slab
  • Stem wall repair
  • Post tension slab repair
  • Parging
  • Foundation grading
  • Foundation retrofit
  • Foundation spalling
  • Foundation stabilization
  • Porch slab foundation repair
  • Garage slab foundation repair

Call a foundation specialist now.

How do I know if I need slab foundation repair or replacement?

slab foundation repairLook for signs that your house has settled too much or has become unlevel. If you find any of the below, you may be in need of a slab foundation repair or foundation replacement.


If you notice that your floors or counters have begun to slope in a certain direction or bow in the middle, your foundation may have serious cracks that are in need of immediate repair.

Sticking Doors and Windows

When it becomes difficult to open and shut your windows and doors, your house has probably shifted due to foundation issues. Items that hang or that are on hinges will stay more level than items that rest on your foundation.

Cracks in Interior Walls and Ceilings

When your walls have to deal with extra pressure from an uneven weight distribution, they tend to crack. Look for cracks originating at the seams and trim on your walls. They are accurate indicators of weakened foundation.

Foundations in need of repair can also cause other problems over time, including:

  • Pipes breaking and damage to underground plumbing
  • Structural and cosmetic damage to the interior and exterior of your home
  • Molding and cabinets that no longer fit or close properly
  • Exterior stair step brick cracks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Insulation can become damaged, as well as your interior walls
  • Gas and water lines may loosen or break
  • Water seeping through your foundation slab and slab foundation leaks
  • Foundation damage can also lead to roof damage over time
  • Your home’s electrical system can be affected
  • Your home’s value can lessen

It’s important to address foundation problems before they cause further damage. If your slab foundation is in need of repair, call and speak to a foundation specialist.

How does Done Right Foundation Repair fix concrete slab foundations?

slab foundation repairOur approach to repairing a concrete slab foundation is unique to each job. The technique that we use depends on how the slab has weakened. Our foundation repair specialists will recommend the appropriate type of foundation repair or replacement remedy for your situation. Common foundation repairs include:

Exposed slabs

Our foundation repair specialists can fill moderate to severe cracking and seal the open area with a surface patch specially designed to help the repaired slab contend with the settling of the house.

Substructural slabs

Slabs used as foundation for homes require excavation to fix. To minimize the invasiveness of repairs, our foundation experts will use specialized techniques above ground to determine where the damage begins. We will then excavate where necessary and fix the foundation issues that are causing your foundation to fail.

Done Right Foundation Repair has 24 years of experience in the foundation repair industry. We have repaired and replaced all types of foundations throughout the Central Texas area. Whatever issue you may be having, we’ve likely seen and fixed it before. Contact the location closest to you to schedule an appointment for a free foundation repair estimate.