Under Slab Plumbing Repair & Foundation Leak Detection


What Causes Slab Leaks & Under Slab Plumbing Breaks?

Do you think you have a foundation leak? Rainstorms cause the ground to swell, foundations to shift, and plumbing to break. This may cause leaks under your foundation, as well as many other related problems inside your home. That’s why Done Right Foundation Repair offers a foundation leak repair & leak detection service to central Texas residents that will help you resolve serious slab leak plumbing problems due to shaky or broken foundations. Under slab plumbing problems require careful excavation and repair procedures to fix.

Our foundation repair experts have been highly trained in foundation leak detection and foundation leak repair and bring their years of experience with them to every under slab plumbing repair job.

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How do I Know when I need Under Slab Plumbing Repair?

When your pipes bend, break, or burst due to your foundation, you may notice:

Water Leaks

Pools of still water that collect around your home are indicators of plumbing leaks that may originate underneath your foundation. If you find pockets of moisture in the ground or soaking into parts of your home, you might have a water leak underneath your slab or foundation.

Low Water Pressure

Decreasing water pressure could indicate improper water flow through your pipes. As passages for water become blocked, your faucet pressure drops. Cracked or broken foundation may be placing excessive pressure on your plumbing that may cause permanent damage.

Plumbing Problems Inside Your Home

Leaky faucets could be a sign of drainage issues due to foundational plumbing breakage. When your foundation places too much weight on your pipes, it may affect the way that water was intended to flow through your system. The effect of the extra weight can push water out of your faucet.

Moisture Pooling Inside Home

Pipes that break near the surface of your foundation can send a consistent stream of water into the absorbent parts of your house’s support system. Wooden beams, drywall, and insulation can all fall victim to broken pipes caused by foundation damage.

How does Done Right Foundation Repair locate foundation leaks & perform foundation leak repair?

Pinpoint the Location of Damage

Done Right Foundation Repair’s crews use specialized tools to locate your foundation leak and plumbing damage accurately. By getting a pinpoint read on the location of the damage, we can minimize digging and repairs.

Remove Finished Flooring

Any flooring that has been laid on top of your foundation will be removed to prevent permanent damage. Flooring will be replaced after work has been completed and checked for quality.

Tunneling and Excavation

Our team will dig through your slab in the location we have determined contains major damage. This step requires precise tools and a refined technique to keep damage minimal.


Once we’re able to reach the problem area, an expert team will begin making repairs to both your foundation and damage caused by foundation issues. We’ll also find out the source of the problem.


Once repairs are done, we’ll restore your foundation and flooring so you can enjoy your home the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Our team will also seal your foundation expertly to avoid future problems.