What are Concrete Press Piles?

Concrete Press Piles can Help Repair and Stabilize Your Foundation

concrete pressed pilesIf your home is experiencing issues with its foundation, there are a variety of methods available to repair and reinforce the issue. Depending on what type of home and foundation repair you need, it may involve beams, piers, and blocks to get the job done. In Central Texas, one of the most popular methods used is concrete press piles.

Made out of concrete (some piles are made out of timber and steel), these piles are actually columns that are placed into the soil below your foundation. This method has been used for many years in housing and foundation repair, and it remains highly reliable.

The piles need to be inserted deep underground in order to be fully effective. As they’re made out of concrete, the basic installation is very quick to complete. The piles are always prefabricated and ready to use once they’re installed; you don’t have to wait for any concrete to dry beforehand.

Some Background on Concrete Press Piles

Concrete pressed piles are pre-cast supports that are made entirely of concrete that are then inserted into the ground and underneath your foundation with the assistance of a hydraulic jack. In regards to size, they are roughly 12” x 6” pre-cast cylinders that are capable of supporting an excessive amount of weight. Once inserted underground, the piles create what is called a piling system that can stabilize and lift your home or commercial building.

They cost less than steel pilings, and they are incredibly durable and will last as long as your concrete foundation does; in some cases up to 30 years.

How Concrete Press Piles are Installed

The installation process is fairly simple. Of course, every home foundation is different, but here’s one example of how using concrete piles can help reinforce your foundation:

Let’s say that your Central Texas home needs foundation repair, and you decide to go with concrete piles. For each location where a pile is to be installed, a hole will be dug next to the foundation. The holes are not very large, about the size of a welcome mat, with a depth of approximately two feet below the base of your foundation.

A concrete cylinder or pile is then placed in the bottom of the hole beneath the foundation.

Once positioned, a high-power hydraulic ram is then situated on top of the cylinder; the top of the ram comes in contact with the bottom of the foundation.

The hydraulic ram is then activated and helps push the concrete pile deep into the soil. After the first cylinder is inserted, another one follows on top of the previous one. Two steel bars are then cemented into place for reinforcement.

This second cylinder is then inserted into the ground, while also pushing down the previous one. This process continues until no more piles are needed. Then a cap is placed on the top of the column followed by two concrete cylinders placed on top of the cap.

Once all of these cylinders are driven, hydraulic jacks are then used on the caps to lift the foundation. After the foundation is lifted, concrete and steel spacers are added on top of the cap to add support, followed by the removal of the jacks. The pilings are then covered with soil and any floor damage is repaired.

What if I Need Pilings in My House?

There are a few ways to install concrete pilings if your home has foundation damage. One way is to cut holes in your floor and dig alongside the foundation’s grade beams. In most cases, you wouldn’t be able to stay in your home while the work is underway, and you’d have holes in your floor and would need to replace them once the work is complete.

Another method is to excavate underneath your home with tunnels and install the pilings through the tunnels. This allows you stay at home while the work is being done, without the inconvenience of having holes in your floors.

This is just one of the methods that Done Right Foundation Repair can utilize to help restore your home, once the damage has occurred. Done Right Foundation Repair is one of the only companies in Texas that offers 5 different types of foundation repair. Our qualified team will examine your foundation for any problems that you may not be aware of, perform a thorough inspection for safety issues, and repair small problems before they become large, expensive, and time-consuming.

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