What Are the Signs of a Foundation Problem?

What are the signes of a foundation problemThe foundation of a house is as important as it sounds. Without a suitable foundation, many structural concerns can plague a home, costing you thousands of dollars to repair. But how do you determine whether a house has foundation issues, and how difficult are they to repair?

There are numerous foundation kinds, ranging from masonry to concrete to wood. However, regardless of the type, they all encounter similar stressors. Let’s take a look at some things you should look out for.

Flooring Structure is Compromised

Is your home’s flooring noticeably uneven or slanted? You might have a foundation issue if you answered yes to that question. Sagging or uneven flooring is frequently accompanied by additional foundation issues. For example, jammed doors and drywall cracks. You can test your theory by placing a ball on the floor and seeing if it stays put. If the ball rolls, you have a foundation issue. If the ball rolls very fast, you have a significant foundation issue, both of these need to be addressed immediately as foundation issues don’t go away on their own. Some other issues you might notice are:

  • Cracks in the floor
  • Interior doors jam
  • A sagging floor toward the middle of the house
  • Concrete slabs that are sinking or heaving

Sagging floors can be an eyesore. But, they can also be harmful. As a result, to avoid problems, have your foundation repaired as soon as possible. If you are concerned, you need to contact Done Right Foundation Repair. We are happy to assist in looking at your foundation and finding the best solution for your situation.

Foundation Sinking or Settling

Sinking and settling are very common for foundations in Texas. Over time the ground will move and settle under the home, causing everything to shift. This is ultimately what causes the flooring issues that were mentioned earlier. However, this isn’t the only cause but is probably one of the main causes of foundation issues. Here are some common signs of foundation sinking or settlement:

  • Walls that are leaning or bowing
  • Gaps from around external doors and windows.
  • Cracks in your home’s exterior

If your home exhibits any of these symptoms, have it inspected by a professional. A sinking or sagging foundation can cause significant structural damage to your property. A foundation may sink or settle for a variety of reasons. For example, ground shifting, poor drainage, or shoddy construction. Most sinking or settling structures are built on uneven terrain.

The majority of gaps caused by foundation settlement are vertical. When inspecting your foundation, keep this in mind. This is because, in addition to worsening your home’s foundation problems, excessive settling can lead to various safety risks. As a result, as soon as you discover the foundation settling or sinking, you need to contact a foundation repair professional such as Done Right Foundation Repair.

Some other pretty obvious signs are doors and windows don’t shut right or get stuck and drain issues. As the foundation gives way, the severity of the damage will increase over time. Foundation issues don’t fix themselves. As soon as you see signs, there might be a problem; you need to reach out to Done Right Foundation Repair right away.