What Is A Foundation Repair Warranty?

Foundation Repair Warranty
The majority of credible foundation repair companies offer warranties on their foundation services, but it is important to note what is and what is not covered.

Not all foundation warranties are created equally, even though they are in the same state. The differences in coverage can vary significantly.

Often, when a warranty is transferred to a new homeowner, they assume that their entire foundation is covered. But this could be far from the truth.

Let’s delve into the details of a foundation repair warranty.

What is a limited lifetime warranty?

Most foundation repair companies in Texas offer a limited lifetime warranty on their concrete slabs or pier and beam structures.

This type of warranty covers less than what most homeowners think. The limited lifetime warranty usually requires the homeowner to pay for the cost of the adjustment after one, five, or ten years.

Foundation repair lifetime warranty on repairs

Knowing the difference between foundation repair and the foundation as a whole is important. When you have repairs done on your home, the warranty only covers the work that was done; it does not cover the entire foundation.

In some states, a lifetime warranty lasts anywhere between seven and eleven years. It is always advisable to check with your foundation repair company about how their warranty works and how much it covers.

What is covered by a foundation repair warranty?

The lifetime warranty coverage depends on the foundation repair company you go with. Most repair companies will only cover the specific area of the home that the repair company serviced.

This could include all materials and labor that were required to perform the job. For example, the piers that were installed are covered by their warranty.

Unfortunately, not all repair companies offer the same warranty, and some don’t even offer anything at all. That is why it is important to ask questions about what the foundation repair service offers before you hire them.

Keep in mind that pier and beam homes are constructed differently from slab foundations, so their warranties will also differ. Usually, pier and beam structures have a shorter life warranty than a concrete slab foundation.

What is not covered by a foundation repair warranty?

The areas that a foundation repair company did not service do not fall under a lifetime warranty. As foundations generally require only partial repairs at a time, a homeowner will likely need a foundation repair service more than once.

Any repair that needs to be done to your foundation that has not already been repaired will not be covered by any warranty.

The terms of a lifetime warranty

Some foundation repair companies will require additional inspections before granting your warranty. Lifetime warranties will give you extra security and a night of better sleep at night. But over time, things beyond your control may happen that could void your lifetime warranty on foundation repairs.

A few of these uncontrollable possibilities are:

  • Natural disasters like tornadoes, fires, floods, and hurricanes.
  • Poor maintenance
  • Severe structural alterations and additions to your home, like a swimming pool.
  • Extreme plumbing leaks.

Final thoughts

As a Texas homeowner, there will be a point in time where your home will need some kind of foundation repair. Always read the small print and take into account the terms and conditions of foundation repair warranties.

At Done Right Foundation Repair, we pride ourselves on our transparency when it comes to foundation repair warranties. With us, you won’t have to worry about any loopholes, or hidden costs. We like to keep things as simple as possible.

Remember, a warranty is only as strong as the company behind it. Make sure you hire a reputable foundation repair company, like the Done Right Foundation, that will be around for the foreseeable future.