The Best Way to Fix a Foundation in Texas

Fix-FoundationHomeowners do not look forward to dealing with foundation issues. In fact, many of them put off repairs as long as possible because repairing this type of damage can be expensive. However, foundation issues will not go away on their own. They will escalate to the point where you will have to restore your complete house rather than just one component. Repairing foundation damage as soon as you see it can save you money in the long run and prevent further problems from arising.

Signs of Foundation Issues

Although the indicators that something is wrong with your foundation are obvious, you could easily dismiss them because you were told that houses settle and that these problems are common. However, as a responsible homeowner, you should never ignore these warning signs. Catching the problem early on can save you a lot of trouble, so keep a lookout for the following warning signs:

Sagging Walls

If the basement or crawl space walls have begun to bow, they are not strong enough to support your home. Don’t be concerned; there’s no need to panic. Although it may appear that your entire house is going to collapse, this problem is easily repaired by experienced foundation repair experts such as Done Right Foundation Repair. You can call 512-243-9991 to schedule an appointment to have it looked at.


Whether the cracks are on the interior or outside of your house, they indicate that something is amiss. If they continue to widen over time, you have a foundation concern. As our homes settle, the walls and other components will shift. This can cause cracking, which will need to be addressed.

Water infiltration

When there are problems, you will most likely find water issues. This can be puddles in the basement or floors.  This could be a sign that there is a foundation issue that will need to be addressed.

Type of Soil Your Home is Built On

The type of soil could be an issue if your house was built on clay soil. Because expansive soils like this one are particularly absorbent, they may easily absorb water and expand up to 15 times their dry capacity. The expansion of the soil compresses the foundation, causing it to break. This, however, is not the only issue. When this sort of soil dries, it shrinks, leaving some wiggle room for your foundation. Because your foundation has room to shift, it no longer effectively supports the structure and can easily break or settle.

The Root Cause of Foundation Damage

If you have a foundation problem, you may be asking what caused it. There are numerous reasons why your foundation could be destroyed. It is time to call on the experts to find out what the causes are and the best solution for your case.

At Done Right Foundation Repair, we are experts in determining what sort of solution will work best in your situation. We will take samples of the soil when necessary to find out the composition. There are quick and easy fixes to help repair foundations at times. However, this isn’t always the case. Call 512-243-9991 today to schedule an appointment.

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