When’s the Best Time of the Year for Foundation Repair?

How Different Seasons Affect Your Home’s Foundation

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As a homeowner, you clearly take pride in maintaining the quality of your home. You’ve worked hard to manage its upkeep indoors and out, to make it your very own. However, unfortunate circumstances may arise with your home’s foundation, when you least expect them…and they can happen at any time.

Should you come across issues with your home’s foundation, it’s best to get them taken care of as soon as possible; some things you may be experiencing can also depend on the time of year. Conditions change during the seasons. In Austin, San Marcos, and other areas of Central Texas, it’s primarily hot and often humid, but we also get periods of rain and even snow. These changes in the weather can affect your foundation if you haven’t taken precautions to protect it. If your foundation appears damaged and/or is ignored, repairs can be very costly and can jeopardize the condition of your Austin home.

You should always be on the lookout for any issues with your foundation. If something doesn’t look right, investigate it and reach out to a foundation repair specialist before it becomes a major problem. Also, if you’re not sure when is the best time to have foundation repair take place, here’s a breakdown of the seasons and how they (typically) affect your home’s foundation:


Excessive moisture in the soil surrounding your home is a major cause of foundation damage. Spring often brings a fair amount of rain, and once rainwater seeps into the ground, it can cause the soil to shift. Foundations are constructed to handle any type of soil movement, but in some cases, the expansion can be a bit too much and can cause a foundation to have problems. During this time you should check your foundation, the soil around your property, and any crawlspaces or basements (if you have one) for any potential problems.


Summers are extremely hot and humid in the Austin area, with temperatures usually reaching 100 degrees. Despite the humidity, it can also get dry which can cause the soil around your house to contract, leading to cracks and other types of foundation damage. For some, this may be the best time for home repair, as there’s less moisture to deal with and it may take less time to make repairs.


It usually starts to get colder by early October in Central Texas, but not all that much. Consider the fall to be more like a slightly chilly summertime. Sure, leaves start to fall, and the ground might adapt to any shift in temperature, but it’s a perfect time to have your foundation looked at, especially if you’re planning on celebrating the holidays at the end of the year.


Winters are a bit odd in the Austin area. It does get cold at times, but we don’t have the brutal winters that often happen in the north. On average, temperatures tend to be in the 50s to the 70s. The soil tends to be pretty stable at this time of year, but it never fully freezes. If the outdoor temperature gets to 32 degrees, you’ll need to cover your pipes during that time so they don’t freeze, but this is always temporary. Because of the soil’s stability, this is an ideal time to have any work done on your foundation.

When Should You Have Your Foundation Repaired?

Any time of the year is ideal, particularly if your issues are crucial. You don’t want to let the problem sit and become worse over time, so it’s best to address any foundation issues right away, regardless of the season. Once you notice any foundation problems, it’s important to have a foundation inspection done right away.

If you feel that your home foundation is in danger from soil issues, cracking, tree roots, and anything else, contact Done Right Foundation Repair. We’re open year-round and we offer a no strings attached transferable warranty for all of our work because we believe in the integrity of our work.

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