Why Are the Walls Cracking in My House?

cracks in the wallWhile there are several factors that have to be taken into consideration, cracking walls are often a sign of a failing foundation that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Here are a few common causes that could lead to walls cracking in Texas homes and what you can do to resolve the problem.

What Causes Walls to Crack?

When clay bricks absorb moisture, they can expand by as much as half an inch per 40 feet. This can lead to cracks developing close to the intersections between the walls. This kind of wall cracking often appears after periods of wet or humid weather, or as a result of damp building up in your walls.

In other cases, cracks appearing in walls can be a sign of a bad foundation. Texas soil is mostly either sandy loam or expansive clay, both difficult materials in which to build strong foundations. Therefore, homes in Texas are especially vulnerable to developing cracks in their walls as a result of weak foundations.

How Can You Prevent Cracking Walls?

There’s not much you can do as a homeowner to strengthen your home’s foundations, but you can help prevent cracks that could develop as a result of other causes. In particular, you should try to avoid putting too much stress on the walls and ceilings in your home.

For example, a heavy lighting fixture could cause cracks in a weak ceiling, so seek advice before you make any major changes to your interior fittings. It’s also a good idea to keep moisture out of your walls as much as possible.

How to Fix Cracks in the Walls

You can repair small cracks in the walls of your homes using caulk. This can help to prevent further damage to the wall by keeping moisture out of the crack.

However, if your walls have large cracks, particularly ones that run horizontally along the length of a wall, you should call in Done Right Foundation for help. Choose the best foundation repair company you can find, as this kind of crack is more likely to be a sign of a major structural problem, such as an issue with the foundation of your home.

Contact us today and get your home’s foundation repaired to prevent your walls from cracking.