Why Does Foundation Repair Cost So Much

Foundation Repair CostFoundation repairs are costly. There is just no way around that fact. This is fairly basic knowledge, but often people don’t understand why foundation repairs are so expensive in the first place. There is a lot that goes into calculating the cost of a foundation repair, and the many reasons for the repair may have an impact on how high the final cost will be. The cost of the different repairs varies! Let’s take a look at what reasons might be causing the foundation issues and what solutions you might expect.

Repair Prices Vary

The cost of foundation repairs is affected by a variety of factors, including the number of piers required. The average foundation repair cost in the United States is just over $4500. Smaller repairs, such as crack repair, will be quick, simple, and reasonably inexpensive. Repairing a foundation leak or sinking a foundation is slightly more difficult and expensive.

Repair of Cracks

Flexible epoxy injections are commonly used to repair these cracks. A temporary repair typically costs around $600 per 10-foot crack. However, if cracks form in the wall, it is critical to determine the cause and fix the problem. While cleaning up the crack may be a temporary cure, it is not a permanent answer, and further study is required to determine what is causing the problem. The overall solution will probably be more costly, but will save you from having further foundational issues in the future.

Repairing a Leak

Flooding erodes the base and walls, and continual water pressure can cause cracks in the walls’ surface. While there are actions that may be done to prevent flooding, the average cost of the damage can be as much as $5000.

Leak repairs can also occur concurrently with crawl space foundation repairs. When standing water causes damage to floor joists, mildew, mold, and rotting, it is critical to solve these issues before they worsen. Depending on the degree of the damage, this type of repair can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000.

Sink Repair

Sinking foundation repairs are frequently the most costly. However, this is dependent on a number of distinct factors. The first factor influencing sinking repair costs is the number of piers required to solve the problem.

Piers are responsible for lifting and lowering the house. The structural report is the second component of sinking foundation repair. This is where an engineer performs a thorough study which will indicate how many piers are required.

If a soil report is also required, there will be an additional cost. Another factor that influences the cost of foundation repair is the home’s proximity to the ground. In regions where the home is directly on the ground, digging may be required, which may incur an additional cost in order to gain access to the foundation to repair it. However, if there is a crawl space, the cost of tunneling can be avoided, and the foundation repair can proceed without any problems or additional work.

Call on the Experts at Done Right Foundation Repair

Anyone who is confronted with spending thousands of dollars on a home repair can understandably feel stressed. However, each foundation repair is unique, and the final cost is determined primarily by the number of piers required and labor involved. If you have questions regarding your quote, you should reach out to your foundation repair company. They should be able to explain what the costs are and why they have occurred.

Done Right Foundation Repair is dedicated to helping homeowners with foundation issues. We will be happy to do an inspection and go over what we find. If you feel you have some sort of foundation problem, give us a call at 512-243-9991 today.

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