You Need a Foundation Repair Professional, Not Just Any Contractor

Why You Need a Foundation Repair Professional, Not Just Any Contractor

One of a building’s most important parts is the foundation. By being so important to your home’s overall structural stability and longevity, this component is one that you should refrain from attempting to fix on your own. Doing so can make the situation worse and result in more damage. However, did you know that you need to hire a foundation expert?

Only some contractors can carry out foundation inspections and repairs properly. Sure, contractors can sub-contract professionals like Done Right Foundation Repair, but why not hire straight from the source?

Our team of experts is trained in foundations, foundation materials, load inspections, and much more than any typical contractor type. So when you have a foundation need, you shouldn’t count on someone that doesn’t have the proper expertise to perform the job. Instead, you need to call on the experts at Done Right Foundation Repair.

General Contractors Verses a Foundation Repair Expert

General contractors are just that. They understand everything in general. They are not experts in any one area and often sub out any work that requires the expertise of a professional. For example, your home’s plumbing, electrical and other components will require professionals specializing in that area. This is the same as when your foundation needs to be repaired or looked at.

Your foundation is the base of your home’s structure. It is an essential component of any building, and it can be hazardous when it is compromised. You want everyone to inspect and repair your foundation. You want an expert who understands how to do it properly to ensure your home’s safety.

Foundation Repairs Can Be Complex

Some foundation issues will be minor things that can be relatively easy to fix. However, a general contractor will need to gain the knowledge to distinguish between minor and complex problems. This means they will also need help understanding the depth of the repair. For example, while some can be as simple as replacing a few blocks in the foundation, others can involve a technique called slab jacking.

Slabjacking is injecting cement grouts into voids under the foundation that has formed. These voids are the cause of the foundation sinking and must be addressed. A general contractor may look at the issue and fix the issue at the surface, but our professional foundation repair company will look at the issue as a whole. But first, we want to understand what caused the foundation to become unstable in the first place.

While we have mentioned slab jacking, we perform many other complex techniques to ensure our clients’ foundation repair will last for years.

Finding the Right Foundation Repair Service

Foundation repair is a common issue that homeowners face, and it’s important to choose the right company to complete the job. When you’re looking for a foundation repair service, there are a few things that you need to consider. First, you will want to do your due diligence to ensure that you work with someone dependable and fully understand the depths of what it takes to perform the repair.

Not all foundation repair companies are the same. Be sure to take the time to look at the company’s online reviews. Ask questions, and you could even get references to ensure you call on the right foundation repair company for your situation. The foundation is the base of your home. You need to call on the professionals that can help ensure that the base is solid for years to come.

Investing in professional foundation repair services can help protect your home and ensure its structural integrity for years to come. Take your time – contact Done Right Foundation Repair today!